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Water Damage Repairs

Caravan & Motorhome Water Damage Repairs

Water damage can be very costly and devastating to your vehicle, and in some cases, it can even cause your vehicle to be a write-off.
It is always best to catch it early, before you are dealing with rot in your timber.
Caravan Repair Centre can help you with water damage repairs by finding and fixing water leaks, fixing water damage and replacing any wood that has rot, to ensure your vehicle is safe and in good condition. 
With water being an expanding problem, the potential rot and further damage is unmeasurable and requires a full pre inspection so that we, Caravan Repair Centre, can ensure your vehicle be repaired to the Queensland transport safety requirements.



Caravan & Motorhome Water Damage Tips

Mr Maccan said that if the unthinkable happened while you were on the road, there was nothing worse than finding out your caravan insurance didn’t cover something that you thought it did.
“Nothing’s more important than protecting yourself and your family when on holidays,” he said.

With water damage being one of the leading factors towards a caravans deterioration, once any sign of water damage is noticeable, the best advised action is to book an inspection with Caravan Repair Centre as soon as possible to ensure no further  damage is caused by the water ingress in your caravan.

Does Insurance cover water damage?

Caravan Water Damage. Our technicians can find where the water damage problem is coming from and perform the repairs required to maintain and fix your caravan or motorhome to good health.
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