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Caravan servicing should be carried out regularly, just like car services.

We recommend that a caravan service is done every 10,000km or before any big trip. Caravan Repair Centre believes that servicing is a key part of maintaining the condition and functionality of your vehicle. Regular caravan servicing, conducted by our qualified and experienced staff, prevents damage later down the road. We value your safety, both on the road and wherever your caravan takes you. If you’re looking for reliable caravan servicing Sunshine Coast and Queensland wide, we’re ready to help you.


For many caravan owners, their van may sit unused in storage for a large chunk of the year. It can be easy to think that because it hasn’t been used much that there is less to be concerned about, however, the opposite is in fact true. How your van is stored, the weather, salt air and lots of other factors come into play. Keep in mind, that just because your van has sat unused, does not mean that things won’t deteriorate. This includes cracked and dry tyres, seized up bearings, water ingress and bug infestations. If you aren’t using the van, these things can easily go unnoticed, giving you a false sense of security. So, keep in mind, that a van used less, probably requires a little more TLC.

First Caravan Service

Caravan Repair Centre offers a range of caravan service options so that we meet the needs of you and your vehicle. First Caravan Service – (1000 km) includes inspection of the following:

  • Hitch head
  • Hand brake
  • Wind downs
  • Chassis
  • Running lights
  • Bearings & brakes

Single Axle

$ 300 + Parts

Tandem Axle

$ 350 + Parts

Standard Caravan Service

Recommended every 10,000km and includes:

  • Hitch head and hand brakes inspected and adjusted if necessary
  • Check and lubricate wind downs if necessary
  • Inspect and grease chassis and suspension where necessary
  • Check running lights operation; replace if faulty
  • Bearing seals replaced
  • Bearings cleaned and inspected; repacked or replaced
  • Brakes- cleaned and inspected; serviced and adjusted
  • Tyres are inspected and replaced if necessary


$ 285 + Parts

Single Axle

$ 385 + Parts

Tandem Axle

$ 450 + Parts

Major Caravan Service

Standard Service, Plus:

  • Check operation of appliances
  • Check air conditioner operation and clean filter
  • Operation of appliances checked, as well as gas leaks on appliances
  • Check for visual water leaks and report of seal condition
  • Check 12V outside lights
  • Battery condition checked

Single Axle

$ 575 + Parts

Tandem Axle

$ 675 + Parts

Caravan Wheel Alignment

The suspension on your caravan or camper trailer, like your car or 4WD do require a wheel alignment from time to time.

Most suspension manufacturers do recommend alignments to be completed every 12 months, after heavy off-roading or 15,000 km travelled. However, like most things, we don’t always read the fine print, or life gets in the way and we can easily put it to the back of our mind and before you know it, the years have passed, and many km’s later you find yourself in tricky spot.

How to know when you may need a caravan wheel alignment:

  • If you’ve driven on a lot of uneven roads
  • If you have uneven wear on your tyre tread
  • Get someone to follow behind you while you tow and get them to observe whether the van drives straight or crab walks
  • If you can’t recall the last time you had a wheel alignment

Reasons to get a wheel alignment done on your caravan or camper trailer:

  • Improved control while towing
  • Improved efficiency while towing so you use less fuel
  • Reduced wear & tear on tyres, brakes, bearings and all undercarriage componentry
  • Safety
  • Peace of mind
  • Improved lifespan of tyres
  • Save money in the long run

Single Axle

FROM $ 70

Tandem Axle

FROM $ 135

Need a repair
instead of a service?

Caravan Repair Centre is a Queensland Approved Transport Inspection Station. You can trust us to service your caravan and ensure the safety of you and your vehicle.