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Keeping warm on your travels can be paramount to the longevity and enjoyment of said trip. For those who are heading to cooler areas in winter or you easily feel the cold, having a gas heater installed in your caravan will be money well spent. While some manufacturers give you the option during your build, there are many who either don’t think they will need a caravan gas heater or who have bought second hand in which case retro fitting a caravan gas heater is the ideal solution.  That is where the team at Caravan repair Centre can help. Our experienced team can discuss your gas heater needs and options plus we offer obligation free inspections. 

Our caravan gas heater of choice is the Truma Vario gas heater. The Truma Vario is an efficient unit that will heat your caravan quickly and quietly. With many vans already equipped with gas, installation is generally straight forward. 

Installation of a caravan gas heater is commonly under the bed or dinette seating, though depending on your layout and available space, installation may also be in a cupboard space. 

Take a look below at some of the many installations our team have completed. 

If you want to maximise the useable space around your unit, discuss your needs with our team today for a tailored gas heater installation. A licensed technician will handle all maintenance and installation of your gas heater, and you will be provided with a gas certificate to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Our team can assist with new caravan gas heater installations, as well as offering removal and replacements of old gas heater units that are not performing.


Gas Heater

$ 3850
  • Supply & Installation of Truma Vario
  • Includes Gas Certificate

*pricing may vary upon inspection of suitability,
and any additional works that may be required.

FAQ- Caravan Gas Heaters

Yes, though this will depend on the brand. There are some brands we won’t install, as we cannot warrant their safety or suitability. The brands we recommend are backed by years experience and confidence in the brands and units on their performance.

We can offer installation only but we recommend an inspection first to ensure suitability in your van.

Yes, however we do not offer shipping, you would need to collect in store.

We carry some parts for the Truma Vario, while others can be ordered in. It is recommended you maintain genuine branded parts where possible to ensure the functionality of the unit.

No, not by itself.
If you are purchasing a gas heater online, we recommend you buy it as a whole kit that includes enough ducting for what you require as it can be difficult to source just the ducting on its own, that is compatible with your unit.

Caravan Repair Centre is a Queensland Approved Transport Inspection Station. You can trust us to service your caravan and ensure the safety of you and your vehicle.

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