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Are you ready for freedom? When you install a lithium battery in your caravan, you no longer need to worry about stopping at powered sites or caravan parks. Your caravan will store all the power you need, and you will be ready to continue the adventure for as long as you want, no matter where you end up.

In order to get this freedom, you need to make sure you choose the right battery. The size of the battery you will need depends on what you want it to power, and for how long. When drained flat, the battery and it’s operation will become damaged, and the battery may need to be replaced.

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If you are looking for the best caravan batteries, we have 3 recommendations for you.

The absorption of electrolytes into a fibreglass mat is what powers Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. These batteries have a lower internal resistance, can handle higher temperatures and self-discharge slower than other batteries.

A Gel Cell is a valve regulated lead-acid deep cycle battery with a gel electrolyte. These batteries do not need to be stored upright. The evaporation of electrolytes, spillage and corrosion issues that other batteries face are eliminated in this type of battery. They have a greater resistance to extreme temperatures, shock and vibration

Lithium batteries, also known as lithium-metal batteries, are primary batteries that have lithium as an anode. They stand apart from other batteries in their low discharge rate, slimline footprint, rapid recharge rate and operator usability.

Their small size means they take up less space and weight in your caravan, leaving you with more room for storage of other essential items. They also distribute power in a consistent and sustainable way.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable team to help you decide what battery works best for you, Caravan Repair Centre is the place for you. The staff will be able to help you choose a suitable solar and battery system, and complete the installation for you.

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