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Diesel Heaters

Caravan Diesel Heaters

Looking at adding a diesel heater to your setup to keep you warm, no matter where you travel?  Diesel heaters offer a reliable and efficient form of heating for your caravan or RV.

The team at Caravan Repair Centre offer an obligation free inspection to determine suitability for your setup and whether a diesel heater is right for you. Our team can then install your new diesel heater ready for your next adventure.

Our brand of choice is the Auto Term diesel heater which includes a 10L external diesel tank.

Caravan Diesel Heaters, Installations and Fitouts by the Caravan Repair Centre Caloundra.

FAQ - Diesel Heaters

No we don’t sell spare parts for diesel heaters. This includes additional ducting. We only sell and supply the diesel heaters as a kit.

Yes. We also install Eberspacher diesel heaters. Please note, we are unable to install heaters sourced from E-bay due to the compliances required to meet Australian standards.

Yes. If you have a diesel heater that unfortunately is no longer operational, our team can remove the existing unit. If you want to proceed with a new unit, we can organize installation for you.

No. You will need to contact a small diesel mechanic or contact the manufacturer of your brand of diesel heater for local repair agents.

Caravan Repair Centre is a Queensland Approved Transport Inspection Station. You can trust us to service your caravan and ensure the safety of you and your vehicle.