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So you’re used to camping at caravan parks and camp grounds where water and power is supplied, but now you’re ready to take the next step and go a little more out of your comfort zone. That is, try free camps, go to the more secluded National Parks and try your hand at beach camping. All those places where you are required to be self sufficient, or simply do without. Power is the biggest concern for most people as so much of our lives rely on electrical items. When it comes to powering your camper, caravan, motorhome or Rv, there are two main options (or a combination of the two) that people use to ensure they have power when they want it.

Generators – It is important to be aware that there are many caravan parks, campgrounds and most National Parks that do not allow the use of generators so you may find yourself very limited to when and where you can use a generator. You may also find yourself upsetting your neighbours from the noise with a lot of people getting very annoyed when they have to listen to the thrum of someone else’s generator all day and into the night. With a generator you are also limited to how long you will be able to run all of your appliances before you need to re-fuel, so you will have to be selective about what you are wanting to power and or how long you will be able to power it. Consider an air conditioner, the luxury many of us struggle to do without. Depending on the size generator you have and the type of caravan air conditioner, you may only get 3-4 hours run time and that is not factoring in your lights, charging phones or computers or other appliances that also draw power such as tv, hot water systems, washing machine, oven/cooktop or other cooking appliances such as Thermomix or air fryers. Generators are a great back up power option though.

Caravan battery & solar power– This is the more commonly used power source for off grid living. There are a lot more options available to suit your power needs and your budget, and if used and maintained correctly, you will find that you have a ready source of power available when you need it. With so many different types of batteries, solar panels, regulators and inverters available, you can easily customise your setup to your needs.

If you are yet to have a battery and solar panel as part of your setup,  you are looking to upgrade your setup or switch to a lithium battery setup, please contact us to discuss your needs and we can work with you to customise your battery setup in order to power your travels.

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