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Dometic Products That Will Revolutionise The Way You Caravan

Dometic Appliances

So you’ve heard it all. Motorhome and caravan parts and accessories by Dometic are reliable, effective and energy efficient. But is that reason enough to choose a Dometic air conditioner over the numerous other brands in the market? Is a Dometic washing machine the very best that you can buy for your caravan or camper trailer? The answer is in fact a resounding ‘yes’. Read on to learn about some caravan and motorhome essentials that you should purchase from Dometic Australia. And to quell your doubts, we’ve also explained why. 

Dometic Air Conditioners

A Dometic air conditioner provides your motorhome with complete weatherproofing, all year round. Almost every caravan air conditioner offered by Dometic Australia comes with an inbuilt heat pump to fortify your RV or caravan against harsh winters. In addition to this, a Dometic air conditioner understands the specific requirements of a mobile home, and is thus both compact and energy efficient. It cools or heats every corner of your motorhome rapidly, prevents air leakage, and shuts off as soon as the target temperature is attained. What’s more, you can install these air conditioners with utmost ease, and operate them remotely from the comfort of your bed. Speaking of comfort, did we mention whisper quiet operation? Not a bad set of qualities for an affordable air conditioner, right?

Dometic Refrigerators

If you’re planning to spend several days on the road, your motorhome will need a refrigerator. A Dometic fridge is your best bet for more than one reason. At the outset, the build quality of the fridge will be hard to find elsewhere. Dometic puts a great deal of care into manufacturing its fridges. In fact, what we know to be a global leader in supplying caravanning components and accessories, actually started out as a refrigerator manufacturer! A Dometic fridge will also be an efficient choice, both in terms of space and power usage. As a matter of fact, even if you own a small trailer and are running out of space in the kitchen area, Dometic also offers a range of portable fridges that can fit just about anywhere!

Dometic Washing Machines

There are few caravanning experiences as satisfying as being able to do your laundry at your own convenience in your motorhome. A Dometic washing machine will bring a whole new level of sophistication to your camping trip. Compact, efficient and stylish, the Space Saver washing machine is designed to be compatible with a variety of installation scenarios. Set it up on a counter or under your work bench, depending on the storage and layout scenario specific to your caravan or camper. A Dometic washing machine will also come with an inbuilt heating element to allow you the option of a hot wash. Because when it comes to convenience, Dometic Australia goes all the way. Give your caravan, camper or motorhome the Dometic advantage and discover a completely revamped way of caravanning. For more details on the specific makes and capacities of the above appliances, head to the Dometic Australia website or get in touch with us today.