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Tips For Loading Your Caravan

When it comes to packing your van for the first time it can be a little bit fiddly and time consuming but its worth taking the time to get it right to ensure that you remain compliant legally for your insurance and to avoid fines as well as keeping you, your family and all other road users safe. Once you’ve done it a few times, you will develop a system and be more aware of how much better your van will tow, once you get the balance of the weights right. Getting a caravan weight check done can help take the guess work out of the whole process.

Here are 10 tips to make the packing process that little bit easier.

Tips for Loading Your Caravan

1. Keep to the specifications of your tow vehicle and trailer.

2. Develop a loading pattern that you can replicate.

3. Put heavy items down low and where possible over the axles to keep the centre of gravity low.

4. Balance out the weight of installed appliances by stowing portable items on the opposite side.

5. Where you can, use light weight items to help reduce your load and save fuel. You may be surprised at how a little bit of weight on  few small items can quickly add up.

6. Rather than filling you water tanks before you head off, try to fill them at your destination or as you get closer to your destination.

7. Ensure all items in your van are secured to prevent them moving about during transit.

8. Keep items that you will need as you travel are stored where you will have easy access to them. Items such as food & drink, maps, chargers etc.

9. Keep any necessary tools & equipment for hitching in an easily accessible location.

10. Once your van is loaded, having it weighed again to confirm that all your weights are within the required specifications.

Caravan Weight Checks

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