Does Your Caravan Need A Service?

Caravan Servicing

Just like a car your Caravan needs to be serviced on a regular basis, especially before taking off on an extended trip. Our experienced team at the Caravan Repair Centre Sunshine Coast offer a range of services.

First Caravan Service – (1000km) includes the inspection of the following:

  • 1.Hitch Head
  • 2.Hand brake
  • 3.Wind downs
  • 4.Chassis
  • 5.Running lights
  • 6.Bearing & brakes

General Caravan Service – recommended every 10,000km includes the following:

  • 1.Hitch head & hand brake are inspected & adjusted if necessary
  • 2.Wind downs are checked and lubricated if necessary
  • 3.The Chassis & Suspension are inspected and greased where necessary
  • 4.The running lights are checked for operation & replaced if faulty
  • 5.Bearing are cleaned and inspected, repacked or replaced
  • 6.Brakes are cleaned & inspected, serviced & adjusted
  • 7.Tyres are inspected & replaced if necessary

Major Caravan Service -includes all standard service items plus:

  • 1.Check operation of appliances
  • 2.Check Air Conditioner operation & clean filter
  • 3.Check gas leaks on appliances; test operation
  • 4.Check for visual water leaks & report of seal condition
  • 5.Check 12V outside lightsCheck battery condition

The Caravan Repair Centre is a Queensland Transport Approved Inspection Station