At Caravan Repair Centre, we stock a large range of Accessories and Appliances form the major suppliers within the caravan industry.

In addition to these, we can get stock in from other suppliers if we don’t already have it so you can rely on us to get your accessory installed.
Our industry is continuously growing, so we are constantly on the lookout for new products and accessories to hit the market and improve your caravanning experience.

The staff at Caravan Repair Centre are trained in the operation and installation of the latest caravan accessories, meaning we can confidently install the latest technology into your caravan.

Some installations are more common than others; here is 9 of the most popular installations we do at Caravan Repair Centre.

Gas and Diesel Heaters

Heating options for your caravan will depend on the power setup you currently have and the energy supply you want to use. Diesel heaters may work better when you already have a diesel tank in your caravan or RV. If it is serviced regularly like any other diesel appliance, it will ensure you stay warm when you need it – even if that is while the vehicle is running! Gas heaters on the other hand, will work better if you already have gas installed. These heaters will be quieter than diesel ones and will be better for off-grid adventures.

Rooftop & Under Bunk Air Conditioners

Rooftop and under bunks are the two places where the installation of an air conditioner makes the most sense technically. Rooftop air conditioners will direct the cold air stream into the living area and taking up minimal space. Under bunk air conditioners will distribute the cold air into the outlets for customised climate control of your vehicle. The type of air conditioner you choose will depend on the size and type of your vehicle.

TV Antennas & Satellite Systems

The installation of a TV antenna or satellite system will be a game changer to access your favourite programmes in real time whilst on the road. Satellites and TV antennas will allow for you to set it up once you get to camp to enjoy uninterrupted viewing of television without having to worry about how much longer it will be before the wind blows over your antenna. No more interruptions and annoying adjustments just to catch five minutes of the news!

Roll Out, Box, Bag & 12V Awnings

Installing an awning in your RV or caravan can give you shelter from the sun and rain, as well as provide an outdoor living space or some privacy from neighbours at your campsite by adding a screen or annex walls. Awnings are quick and easy to set up, even for one person. The type of awning you install will depend on what it will be used for and the type of vehicle you have. Roll out awnings are best for caravans, pop-tops and flat sided motorhomes. 12volt awnings are automatic and operated through a button and are suited best to campervans and motorhome with vertically curved walls. Box and bag awnings are stored in either a box or bag on the side of your vehicle. They work best on minivans and windup camper trailers.

Compressor & 3-way Fridges

Compressor fridges, also known as 2-way fridges, run the same way your home fridges run; they use 12/24 volts to run and are powered by your vehicle or camping batteries, but can also run on 240 volts from a generator or powered site. 3-way fridges, also known as absorption fridges, can also12/24 volts and 240 volts, but can run on LPG gas when needed. They use a gas flow heat exchange in the back of the fridge, which removes heat from the unit instead of making cold air to cool it.

Ovens & Stoves

Cooking over a fire limits your meal options while camping; installing an oven, stove or both in your caravan or RV can change the way you camp and caravan, allowing you to cook your favourites from home, away from home!

Solar Panels & Battery Systems

Installing a battery and solar system to your caravan will not only improve your caravanning experience but reduce your carbon footprint. As the system is powered by the sun, you will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, creating less air pollution. The two main types of solar panels are monocrystalline and polycrystalline, with the main difference being monocrystalline panels have a single crystal silicone, allowing electrons that generate electricity have more room to move. This creates an efficient energy source for your vehicle. Polycrystalline solar panels have a multi-crystal silicone, so the electrons have less room to move. These panels are less efficient than monocrystalline panels, and therefore have a lower price point. There are many kinds of batteries that could be used for a battery and solar system, but two of the best kinds for this are Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Deep Cycle Batteries and Gel Batteries. AGM batteries work by absorbing electrolytes into a fibreglass mat. They have a low internal resistance, can handle higher temperatures and self-discharge slower than other batteries. Gel batteries are valve regulated and has a gel electrolyte. They don’t need to be stored upright, and the evaporation of electrolytes, spillage and corrosion issues are eliminated with gel batteries. They therefore have a high resistance to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration. Check our page on Solar Panels and Battery solutions for more information.

Water Tanks

Most caravans and RVs will have two types of tanks: a grey water tank and a black water tank. The grey tank is used for sink and shower drainage, and the black tank is used for toilet waste. Both kinds of water cannot simply be disposed of as they contain additives that are not good for the environment. Installing a grey water tank or increasing the size of your current one will reduce the impact you have on the environment and will allow you to store more of it for longer without having to worry about emptying it regularly or storing greywater in buckets.

If the item you want installed is not on this list, no worries! Give us a call on 07 5491 2560 to discuss your installation project or come in to see us for a chat.