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Do You Really Need A Caravan Cover?

Caravan Cover

Aren’t caravans designed to power through harsh weather conditions? Does a caravan cover really help, or is it an unnecessary accessory that you can safely do without?

The caravan cover is a relatively new addition to the repertoire of caravan and motorhome accessories. Up until the mid-90s, a covered caravan was a rare sight. Fast forward to the present day camping scene, and one finds the vast majority of caravan owners buying caravan covers. The innovative, durable and all-weather caravan covers offered by premium brands such as ADCO and CAMEC have found millions of happy customers around the world. That said, opposing points of view about the utility of the caravan cover continue to exist today. Let’s look at some of the common doubts that surround its usage.

Does a caravan cover offer any real protection?

A caravan parked in your driveway during the off-season is bound to collect dust and at least a few scratches. You can of course give the vehicle a
thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint before your next camping trip. But a basic caravan cover can eliminate the entire exercise. Besides, there are more harmful elements out there. UV rays, for instance, can damage the soft furnishings inside your caravan. Modern products such as the ADCO caravan cover range use Dupont Tyvek help keep harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays from fading your caravan’s curtains and fabrics. Another important aspect is protection from moisture and falling tree sap. A good quality cover can act as an effective shield against both. Several products from the ADCO caravan cover collection are designed for such heavy duty protection. They also complement their
moisture repellent design with breathability and adequate ventilation, keeping your caravan dry and mould-free.

Is it easy to find a caravan cover to fit a specific vehicle size?

Caravan covers come in all shapes and sizes. Browsing through the huge inventory of caravan covers online will reveal everything from roof-top covers to contour-fit covers based on specific vehicle manufacturers and models. You will find that most caravan covers will fit a range of sizes rather than one exact size, for example 18’-20’ rather than just 20′. You will then use the sinching straps to tighten for a better fit to your caravan.

Are caravan covers expensive?

Everything in perspective. On one hand, the initial upfront cost may appear to be expensive to some. However if you look at the advantages they bring to the equation, they can save you much more in the long run, so don’t let the initial cost be a deterrent. Besides, thanks to the immense variety of caravan covers available today, you can always find an inexpensive option to suit your requirements. For instance, you can pick up covers between $200-$600. There are covers that can cost more, but you will find they have a very specific protection feature. What you pay though will vary based on your vehicle size and the level of protection you are looking for.

 In short, a caravan cover is a useful caravan accessory that can help you cut cleaning, painting and refurnishing costs. It isn’t all that expensive either; a good quality ADCO caravan cover costs about the same as a television or a bike-carry, and lasts at least as long. There are a lot of options available online which gives you all the more reason to start shopping without further ado!