Video demonstrating AL-KO ESC (Electronic Stability Control) in action. Extended version featuring lane change demonstration at 80km/h and Motorsport driver Charlie Kovacs providing his views about AL-KO ESC.

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forex for dummies amazon How AL-KO ESC works?

The AL-KO ESC system is engineered to operate when it identifies critical driving situations – such as a build-up of two small swings, or one large, sudden lateral movement. The lateral acceleration sensors inside the AL-KO ESC unit monitor for these repeated side movements or large swings.
AL-KO ESC continuously evaluates the data and when critical lateral movements are recognised, ESC activates and applies the brakes immediately to bring the vehicle back into line in a smooth and controlled manner. Applying the brakes on the caravan immediately straightens the car and caravan and prevents any further oscillation.
AL-KO ESC is positioned behind the axle of the caravan or trailer at the point where lateral movement can be measured consistently between different caravans.
Once the combination is stable, the AL-KO ESC deactivates the brakes. AL-KO ESC then immediately continues to monitor for critical situations. The brakes are applied for as long as necessary, until no further lateral movement of the trailer or caravan is picked up. AL-KO ESC then immediately continues to monitor for critical situations.
This world first, revolutionary technology has been developed and manufactured in Australia by AL-KO International, in conjunction with the global expertise of the AL-KO Kober group.

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Caravans and trailers can be subject to lateral movements due to a range of different circumstances, such as having to take evasive manoeuvres to miss an unexpected vehicle or animal that has suddenly appeared on the road ahead, in addition to high winds and difficult weather conditions, or buffeting from other vehicles using the road.
The sway effect, where the caravan or trailer is swinging from side to side behind the tow vehicle, can occur in these situations and can be a very frightening experience for the occupants of the tow vehicle.
Sometimes the movement of the trailer is so slight that it can recover itself, However when the movement becomes greater, it is more difficult to overcome and can be a very frightening experience for the occupants of the tow vehicle, resulting in a potential jack-knife situation.
Other factors that can cause varying levels of swaying to occur are issues such as poorly loaded vehicles, too much speed, incorrect tyre pressures and erratic driving. Even in normal, everyday driving, these situations can happen.
Throughout all of these situations, ESC is constantly monitoring and corrects any instabilities as they occur, enabling you to continue a smooth and stress free journey.

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